Family Law

Family Law touches the lives of many people, not just families, but also others who are in a domestic partnership or other type of relationship. At Cynthia Zuñiga Roque, PA, we have years of experience helping Floridians work through disputes, establish parenting plans and creating other ways to deal with relationship issues that are addressed by Family Law. We understand the emotional tug that relationship disputes bring to the people involved and minor children who depend on parents for care and guidance.

Cynthia Zuñiga Roque, PA

A caring atmosphere greets people from across Florida who visit the Cynthia Zuñiga Roque, PA, in Miami, FL. We want everyone who needs legal assistance to manage their Family Law matters to be comfortable working with us. That is the best way we can help them make important decisions that affect their lives and that of their loved ones. We work with clients closely, learn what their goals are, and we always are available to answer questions about their case.

Attorney Cynthia Roque

We strongly believe that your best is yet to come, no matter how troubling your personal Family Law issues appear to be. Attorney Cynthia Roque is a compassionate, caring professional who knows how to get best results for her clients. She has extensive experience in Family Law practice and a solid track record of wins in the court , as well as getting strong settlements through mediation.

Miami Family Law Attorney

Put your Family Law problems in the capable hands of a legal professional who knows how to get action and positive results. Our Miami Family law Attorney has helped clients with many Family Law matters, including:

  • Pre-marital Agreements/Modifications
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Child Custody & Support
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Visitation/Rights
  • Adoptions/Step-Parenting
  • Property Division
  • Domestic Violence/Protective Orders

Your best is yet to come

As difficult as your situation looks today, your best is yet to come. We strongly believe that all problems can be managed successfully, and we take special care when there are minor children involved in relationship disputes. Get started today to build a better future by taking care of today’s problems right now.

Contact Cynthia Zuñiga Roque, PA, Miami, FL, to discuss your Family Law concerns today. Call us now, at (786) 529-0228 to get the legal advice, consul and representation you need to move forward.